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Sound senses/ 3 task

For the sound task, we created little studios in class where we filmed sound visualizations using various objects.


1. Emilija, Matas, Daumantas



2. Ema, Tomas, Titas



3. Aurelijus, Gintautė, Kristupas, Emilija



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Sensations in space/ 2 task

We chose to do the task in an old, abandoned gas station. This place seemed the best for us to express senses and effect of unusal, unordinary environment for us.  We focused on spaces, sounds, atmosphere. The day was very short and full of fog. Only few hours to do the task, because it had started to get dark really fast.


We combined glass and moss, metal and water, plant and roofing.




For moisture, mold, abandoness smell we used an old, once driven for children bus. Mainly, the sense of the past was exposed through the bus.




To express the sense of sight, we chose an old, abandoned house. The connection between interior and exterior in it took our interest. We tried to achieve feeling through focus.



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Presentation lycée Jonas Biliūnas d’Anykščiai

Bonjour ! Nous sommes les élèves du groupe de la création de cinéma au lycée Jonas Biliūnas d’Anykščiai. Nous sommes en troisième année.

Si vous jetez un coup d’oeil à vol d’oiseau sur notre petit pays, la Lituanie, vous verrez que ses contours ressembent à une forme de coeur. Vous découvrirez que la Lituanie est


un pays vert avec de nombreuses forêts, rivières et innombrables lacs. Anykščiai,  la ville, où nous vivons, est située au bord de la rivière Šventoji (la Sainte). On est entourés par la nature pittoresque et pour cela on a la possibilité de  très bien observer toutes les quatre saisons. Leur changement renforce nos sentations. Parfois, notre oië est attirée par les sons des averses et les vêtements trempés par la pluie se collent au corps en plus les chaussures mouillées s’attirent au sol. Quelquefois, nous cachons nos nez dans les écharpes chaudes en laine et la vapeur sortante de nos bouches fait comprendre que c’est le froid qui nous pique. Les nuits d’été sont si courtes qu’on les passe autour d’un feu parmi les amis, on ne s’apperçoit guère. Cela s’enfuit comme un instant. Une fois, quand les senteurs printanières atteignent nos nez et éveillent nos sens , nous prenons nos caméras et mobiles et captons le vent, la fleur, la réflexion ou l’état ; comment le cinéma nous aide à libérer les sentiments.

We are a group of cinema club students from Anykščiai Jonas Biliūnas gymnasium in Lithuania. Looking from a bird’s-eye view our little country’s outline resembles a heart. From above it unveils as a green land full of forests, lakes and rivers. Anyksciai, a town where we are from, is also on the river Šventoji. We live surrounded by nature and observe the dramatic change it undergoes during fours seasons. These seasonal changes enrich our senses: sometimes we listen to summer rain fall while wet clothes stick to the body and our feet squelch in our shoes, and sometimes we hide our noses in woollen scarves while the steam of out breaths predicts a frosty spell. Some of our summer nights are so short and so bright that spent with friends in front of a fire they go by in a heartbeat. And sometimes, in spring, the smells of the awakening land also revive all of our creative senses. These are the moments when we grab a photo camera or a mobile phone and venture out in search to capture those feelings echoing in us: as a gust of wind, a blossom, a reflection, a state or a feeling. This is how cinema helps us to to free our hearts.

About us

My name is Aurelijus. I’m 17 years old. I started making some videos 4 years ago. I don’t want that my video creations be came simple and similar every time. Every video I make I want to be it different than the previous one. I think, if you create something new then and unseen your work will improve from one video to another.

I’m Emily. In Lithuanian it’s Emilija, and I don’t really like it, because it’s very popular here, but you have to make the best out of what you have. Usually friendly, but probably not going to talk to you first. Always in my own mind, but can’t explain what’s going on there. Still, love learning (what I’m passionate about), going out of my comfort zone and making better impact afterall. Possibly going to live all these senses more deeply:)

My name is Tom, but some people call me Thomsas. Filmmaking is my passion and I‘m really looking forward to working in the film industry in the future. This activity has becomes my hobby, occasionally, we work in groups and make short funny videos. My favorite part process would probably be script writing, directing, acting and editing in the filmmaking. The senses are really important in my life, especially vision, by the way I am slowly losing it and I need to wear glasses. The worst part about this generation’s health is that most young people lose their vision in very early age, we need to protect our vision and other senses so that we wouldn’t lose our humanity.

My name is Otilija, I’m 17. My hobby is a horse riding. I’ve been doing it for 10 years. I’m a bit strange human. I’ve got a with colorful mind, I prepar nature, music, art and film making. I never thought about feelings until this project. It will be very interesting to take part in this project.

My name is Titas. I’m into art, photography, nature and music. My best personality traits would be charisma, honesty and passion for the things that I do. I really love taking feelings like melancholy and sadness into movies.

I am Ema from a small town in Lithuania. I’m seventeen years old. I love animals, especially my dog. I enjoy being with him. Also, I like sports. I jog every evening and play volleyball at my school. I absolutely love autumn and halloween. I enjoy the calmness of the trees, the wind blowing through my hair and the golden leaves falling down of the trees. I am a calm soul and I enjoy being like that.

Hello everyone, my name is Kristupas Karčemarskas. I am 17 years old, I like skiing, mountain biking, cars and cinema. Also, I play various music instruments and I’d like to be an actor, someday. To sum up, these hobbies are the adrenaline rush and they make me feel alive.

Hey! My name is Gintautė. I’m 17 years old and I’m from Anykščiai. I love music, films and travelling. The strongest sensations for me are caused by important people, nature and climate conditions. I think those sensations are inseparable part of life.

Hello, my name is Daumantas and I’m from Lithuania. I could describe myself as a friendly, open-minded, simple and calm person. My hobbies are travelling, going outside with my friends, hiking in the nature, listening to alternative and rock music (especially Queen and David Bowie). I like finding new sensations, but most of them I feel when I am in the nature, as you know nature in Lithuania is magical.

My name is Emilija, I’m sixteen. I enjoy being out with my friends. I’m a very outgoing person. I love snow, but I hate the cold weather. I attend to folk dances. I volunteer a lot in my free time. I enjoy travelling.

I’m Matas. I like riding motorcycles as well as playing basketball.  I think I am friendly, easy to communicate with, always helping and advising, calm.  The senses are really important in my life, and the main and favorite one is speed and adrenaline.

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