Highfield Junior’s ‘Virtual Film Club’ during lockdown

The children at Highfield Junior School Film Club were working hard on their topic of ‘Sensations in Cinema’ when the lockdown stopped them in their tracks.  As we adapted to our new routine at home the world around us seemed to slow down and the days became indistinguishable.  Faced with an attentive audience stuck at home and with access to new online tools, we sensed a perfect opportunity to explore our theme in more depth.

And so our ‘Virtual Film Club’ was born on the 26th of March.

Every Thursday afternoon the sixteen children in our club come together to learn about film and have a good time despite our physical distance.  London Film School Alumni Chi Yu and Anne Mancosu help the children to develop an awareness of the building blocks of film through discussions, assignments and analysis of the work.  The exercises have included: Lumière Minute, Light and Shadow, Frame within a Frame, Balance and Point of View, Interpretation and Sound.  We have also taken part in fun quizzes and worked on a collaborative final film.  Even our wrap party took place on Zoom!

It has been an intensive learning journey but the results speak for themselves. Here is a collection of clips and films by the children in our Virtual Film Club during lockdown:

Lumiere Minute by Charlotte: Bunny Fight

Lumiere Minute by Adrian: Across the Bus Stop at Night

Lumiere Minute by Ella: Dog at Dusk

The Sound Collector by Kate: The Sound Collector

Interpretation by Katie: Interpretation

Imbalance by Zain:Imbalance

Looking into the Future by Adrian: Looking Into the Future

Balance/Point of View by Ella: Balance and Point of View

Bike Ride by Iris and Katie: Bike Ride

Shadows in Water by Paige: Shadows in Water

Quarantine Olympics by Daisy: Quarantine Olympics

Reflections by Betsy: Reflections

Hot by Noah and Freddie: Hot

Life in Lockdown by Elizabeth: Life in Lockdown

Frame within a Frame by Fabian: Frame within a Frame

My Best Friend by Morgane: My Best Friend

Climbing Tree by Scarlett: Climbing Tree

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