Tournage Jour 3

The first group met at a rooftop terrace, which belonged to our main actress’s dad’s workplace and he kindly granted us the possibility to shoot there. The terrace was an amazing location, given that we had a breathtaking view from up high over Berlin.

Team one met at 12 a.m. (so we got to sleep in) and soon after, started filming our two protagonists, Teresa and Charlotte, enjoying themselves and messing around. We used this opportunity to establish their relationship and intimate friendship. That day, we managed to capture some great sensations. We experimented with close-ups of the food we brought along, and filming the wind playing in Teresa’s hair. Of course, we also made use of the great view and ended up with some nice footage of that incredible location. We also played around with the idea of translating that sense of hight into pictures. The rooftop shoot was good fun and we rewarded ourselves with some pizza afterwards!

A couple of people also sat down to look through all the footage we already had, so that we could get an idea of what kind of scenes were still needed in order to tell our story the way we wanted to. Watching what we had already done, also helped to figure out at what places we might need to include some more sensations, seeing as this is the overaching theme.

Another small team walked around down on the street and tried to find some more impressions and sensations.

The second group met up at 4 p.m. at the same location we had already filmed at the previous day (the one with the toilet). After having looked through all of the footage, we knew that we had to shoot a few more scenes there. Hence, the second group tried to capture some more impressions of their surroundings and filmed Teresa leaving the toilet and running out of the club, so that the transition to the next scene outside would be smoother. That day, it didn’t get quite as late as on Friday and we were able to wrap it up at about 7 p.m.

All in all, filming was heaps of fun and we all had a great experience. We especially enjoyed experimenting with what could be done and playing around with the camera and capturing all sorts of different pictures. It was very interesting to see how emotions and sensations could be conveyed through the medium film and we got a lot out of these three days!

Now, we can’t wait to see the final result! Even though, unfortunately, we will probably not be able to present our finished movie in Paris (due to the pandemic), we still hope that you are as excited to finally see all the films of every school as we are! We’re looking forward to it!

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