Tournage Jour 2

Friday was the second day of shooting. It started at 12 am in the apartment of one of the main actresses. A smaller team worked there together on the first film scenes. The main location was just the kitchen, with the stove playing a special role. After many recordings, cooking mountains of spaghetti and a lot of past time, a good recording was made and we filmed sensory perceptions that were particularly important and striking in this scene. There was a lot of experimentation so that the kitchen was in a mess and looked as if it had been turned upside down. There was a lot to laugh about and shooting these scenes was both exhausting but also fun for the whole team. However, we had to clear up the mess afterwards :/. When all the shots for the place were filmed and we were relieved that things went well over time, we ate the spaghetti together and the plan for the rest of the day was discussed.

After a failed and much too stressful subway shoot, we ran to our teacher who was already waiting at the raw area. There the way to the party should be recorded. After we felt like walking down the same stairs 30 times to shoot this for the way to the party, we started to freeze slowly. But it was just the beginning. Next the scene in front of the club was shot from a Million perspectives. Everybody in our course- except the cameraman- had to stand in front oft he lens because we had to make it look like an open and lively club, which of course was not the case in reality. After that everybody thought “now it`s only the final scene“, because it was already 8 o`clock pm. But then the teachers gave us a new task: We had to record some sensory perceptions of the area – it was bitter cold… And also during the shooting of the final scene it didn`t get warmer.
After we finished filming all the group scenes and impressions at the raw-space we decided to start filming the end scene of our movie. We picked a small group for this since it was already really dark and cold outside. In the end-scene one of the main characters had to sit outside in the cold, without a jacket. Obviously she was freezing so we even had a blanket-person on our team who started throwing a blanket around her every time the camera was turned off. Even though this shoot was definitely exhausting, it was really fun at the same time and we were all laughing a lot. After we finished shooting the end-scene we warmed up in a cafe for a bit and then a small group went to the train to shoot a train-scene. At this point it was almost midnight and we were all tired and cold but we still tried to make the best out of it and I think it worked out pretty good. Afterwards I think we all just went home and fell asleep right away.


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