Exercise 2, Group A & B, CHildren’s Film Academy, India

Exercise 2

We formed a fresh group for every exercise. This time we called out A and B. All the As became one group and Bs became another, 6 of us in each group.

In this exercise, each group had to choose one sense. Group A chose the sense of touch and Group B chose the sense of sight.

Group A : Sense of touch

Our group chose the sense of touch. So we went around in our school grounds with our Sir from CFA,  Arun Bhaskar, touching things and feeling them again. Then, one participant suggested he would like to show the sensation felt in the touch of flowers and leaves. So he took his first shot , in which one participant feels the leaves and flowers in the centre of our school. Then , another participant showed the feel of a single leaf, another showed the delicate feel of a flower; seeing that, yet another student thought of the feel of water and sand when the plants are watered, and even the smell that comes from the soil when we water them; and that reminded another participant of the feel of new sand in the flowerpots !

We explored so many sensations that come from the sense of touch as we explored just our little garden!


Group B : Sense of sight

We discussed how we feel the world through our senses . Since some film clips had been projected, the projector was still on. In the strong beam of light, my friend started making some graceful dance movements by her hands and beautiful shadows were formed on the screen. We were so fascinated to see that. Then,  another friend also joined in with her hands. This is how we discovered our first shot : shadows and light. As we stepped out for the next shot, we noticed our own shadows in the sunlight and that became our second shot. The third participant saw the silver streamers shooting light in the sun, and thus, we discovered our third shot. The next one saw the shadows made by these streamers  and because they seemed to dance, it connected with our earlier shots too.Then one participant said, she would like to take the shot of the red leaves that were allowing the sun to stream through them. Those were really beautiful. When we tried to take that shot, we discovered the sun peeping through the leaves. That went so well with our earlier shots.But it was really difficult to shoot that one as the sun at that time was straight overhead! So our CFA Sir, Shibin Balkrishnan had to help us take that shot. It turned out to be a really beautiful shot.

Soon, we all were noticing patterns of shadows everywhere!

Editing of Exercise 2

We were introduced to the editing process. On the Adobe Premiere Pro, our Sir from CFA, Shibin Balkrishnan  showed us how to put the shots together. We chose the good shots , the order of the shots and the duration too, as some were too long!


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