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And here is our Exercise 3

We had a few of our ideas from Ex 2 still to be explored.  They needed to be developed. But one idea seemed to fit Exercise 3 quite well: it could be done in different locations, with different characters. It was a combination of elements from two different ideas presented by the participants. Everyone agreed that we should go for it.  This is the movie we got:

Exercise 3A

Exercise 3B


The Day of the Shooting

Snapshots of the hard work and funny moments when the ball the ‘actor’ was throwing in the air, did not return to the balcony on the first floor! When the ball kept rolling away …




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Hullo everyone. We are here with Exercise 2 .

We began working on Ex 2 with a series of screenings. We saw clips from Boudos, Bicycle Thieves, Spirited Away, Mandy, Citylights. We discussed the situation in each:  what was the situation and what did each situation express? What was its function in the film? How had the filmmakers expressed the theme through the situation. And we decided  to write on one clip each. After the reviews, we visited the premise of Ex 2 and 3.

We each one of us gave our ideas for Ex 2. Each idea was discussed from the point of view of a ‘ situation’ that brings 2 characters together, the do-ability  within four shots , and the casting and location.

Here are the  photos of the shooting, and our Exercise 2, which we enjoyed thoroughly as we all ended up  throwing paper balls at each other . You will see why!!

Exercise 2.


Here’s our Process : Group Discussion


Shaping the ideas, writing the Script…in groups

and alone! Putting the best leg, err, best hand forward!

Taking turns as crew members: Niranjan takes a shot 

Leonardo takes a shot

The backdrop: Watching the clips on the theme of Situation was great fun and learning together. We wrote  on each  clip: 

Spirited Away :

Hello everyone, I am Aryaman,   this is my review on Spirited Away. The story starts with a girl who is about to go to a new place and is not happy about it. Then after her father takes a seemingly wrong turn, they end up in an abandoned theme park… I like how  the situation in this clip changes the emotions of the character . While watching this clip you would feel that you are a part of this story. It is very interesting to watch till the end   when it becomes a cliffhanger and you really want to know what happened.

Hello, I am Aishwarya and I am writing a review on the movie Boudho. This film shows us that people  care  for  the wealthy people but do not care for the poor . . I felt sympathetic to the old man. The dog is the man’s only companion and he has lost it. It makes us feel good when he is looking for his lost dog

Hi! Meera here! I’ll be writing a review on ‘Mandy’. Mandy is deaf, and so it’s hard for her to make friends, and to speak properly and not be misunderstood. It gives us an emotional feel, as she’s trying to blend in but cannot because of her loss. But, the same way it’s inspiring, as at last, she makes new friends inspite of being deaf.And happy ending it is! 

Hi, I’m Leonardo and this is the review on Spirited Away.  This movie is really entertaining because of the situation which is very much a question of « what is this place? », « Is it dangerous or safe? » The movie built up its situation as well. It starts as Chihiro, the  protagonist  going to a new school, then it becomes a mysterious situation, and then it changes in to a situation in which  Chihiro tries to find a way out of the theme park.

Hi, Niharika here. Boudo is a good example of class discrimination and it also says that wherever we go, rich and poor people exist.

Hi everyone,  i am Niranjan . I am writing a review about City Lights. The situation was emotional but the movie was humorous. The story takes us through depressing moments as well as comic scenes. even though there were no dialogues,  the emotions were conveyed perfectly. 

Hullo, I am Dev. I really liked Boudo. He is so lovable . I found the situation in the clip  quite absurd, especially in the end where the wealthy woman goes with a wealthy man who offers to look for her dog.

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CCAJ Exercise 1

Our CCAJ session started with a very interesting exercise! We were shown a painting and we had to guess who the characters might be, how they were connected to each other, what did their expressions convey. The most interesting question was to imagine a situation out of which the momentshownin the painting arose! As it is, we just loved the painting! It made our heart go to the boy who looked so sad and yet seemed to be holding on to some emotion. And who could this woman be? It was difficult to really understand her expression! We were surprised to find that each one of us had imagined very different stories and situations for the same painting. And each story was so interesting in itself.We listened to our audio recordings of the stories. And then we were formed into smaller teams. Our task was to imagine a small situation around two characters. One of us would live and the other would shoot. And without using sound, the actors had to act out a situation ! We had such fun discussing situations, then acting and shooting. We laughed even as we raced to finish our exercise on time. When our 1-2 min exercises were screened, we saw that we could have done better. We left feeling so happy we had started making our movies!

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CFA-CCAJ India – International !


Hullo everyone! We are from Children’s Film Academy, Kochi, Kerala. We are all from different schools, different locations. But surprisingly, all of us are in the same age range of 11- 12 years. Cinema brings us all together. We are really excited to connect with our friends out there!


1. Aaryan

Class: V
My name is Aaryan. I study in the fifth standard. My hobbies are to draw and read books. I also play keyboard. I want to draw some characters and draw a story. I think this workshop will help us improve our skills.

2. Aiswarya Promod

Class: VII

My name is Aiswarya Promod. My hobbies are to read and watch films. I study in class 7th and my ambition is to become a fashion designer. I am looking forward to direct, act and edit. I like to act the most. My favorite films are the  Harry Potter series.

3. Aryaman Singh Bais

Class: VI

Hobbies: Origami, Creative Writing, Photography, Nature Photography

Role: Camera person, story writer

Ambition: Naval Pilot

What I expect from this workshop :I expect to learn more about film making and about the aspects of a film.

4. Leonardo Alex

I’m Leonardo Alex. My hobby is making short films. I like making movies because it’s fun and I like learning the craft of filmmaking. I enjoy editing, recording, acting, directing when I make my short films. My other friends are my co-actors.
My YouTube channel name is Leoskits.
Ambition: I want to be a director.
Expectation: I want to learn more advanced skills in filmmaking and I’m looking forward to seeing if my movies can get some exposure.

4. Meera Hari

Class: VII

My hobby is Reading and Photography.

About reading, my friends call me a bookworm. I love Photography because the one thing that describes me is an amazing photographer. I have taken a lot of pictures.
My ambition is to become a lawyer.
I think this workshop is pretty good and the introduction helped me a lot and I think I can apply my photography talents here. I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to shooting a movie.

5. Niharika Rajesh

Class: VI

Hi, My name is Niharika and I’m eleven years old. My hobbies are reading, drawing, watching movies and sleeping! I hope to grow up and work in Google or Pixar as a doodle artist or as an animator or maybe both! I like to hang out with my friends and I hope to have a lot of animation or at least a storyboarding exercise in this workshop.

6. Niranjan Aneesh

Hi, I am Niranjan Aneesh. I study in the fifth standard. My hobbies are to read, write stories and screenplays. The introduction was cool and I believe the sessions will be better.
It’s hard to imagine me in a movie, but after the introduction, it seems very amazing.

7. Smriti Khuntia

Class: VI

Hobbies: Writing scripts, Doing dramas with my brother, Playing tennis, reading books
Reason: I like directing dramas and movies. I want to be a director and a scriptwriter because I want to create a leadership quality in myself. (My school was going to stage a drama for the annual day,  Romeo and Juliet. But it got canceled it, so to make myself happy, I am here!)
My ambition: Tennis player, Director
I expect:  Best child director award for myself for a perfect movie!

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