What we thought of Exercise 3

From taking part in task 3 I have learnt that if you look at the camera it can ruin the whole scene. I have also learnt that you should always make sure that the setting is exactly the same for each scene. Also, I have learnt how to act different emotions. I also more know camera shots and angles and how to edit on iMovie. (Luna)

I have learnt that it is quite difficult to film the same thing in two different locations knowing one of them was handheld and one of them was using the tripod. The bit we found tricky was the emotion part because some people didn’t know how to express their feelings. Editing the film ourselves was challenging and finding good locations where we wouldn’t be disturbed when we were filming. (Rube-Grace & Nyah)

We learnt that you don’t always need to use dialogue. Furthermore, you need to have great angles and not look at the camera (depending on the shot). We have learnt the names of some different shots (worm’s eye view and more). Finally, having the right emotions and how to capture that on camera. (Callan and Jayden)

We have learnt that certain locations work better for different story lines. We have learnt different types of shots (watcher, look over shots, hand-held, tripod etc.). Also, that different locations effect the quality of the sound. We have learnt how to connect two characters with one emotion. Sophie & Kelsey; Charlie & Cooper)

We learnt how to use expression and an emotion that we haven’t felt before in our films and how to film scenes using two different locations (Myles and Daniel)

We have learnt that filming is hard and can be very repetitive. There are lots of angles involved and that filming isn’t just all about acting. The script and the editing are very important. (Cameron R & Carlo)

I have learnt how to act a certain feeling and act it out naturally. However, it is difficult not to laugh. It was easy to work together on this exercise and everyone cooperated really well. I found editing the movie quite simple such as adding effects, sounds or boosting audio. We worked well as a team and could decide on an idea quickly without any moaning or disagreement. It was lots of fun. (Lauren)

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