Second day of our shooting

Second day we filmed everything in one location- our beautiful town’s forest. First, we were discusing how we were going to shoot forest scenes, things like what the actors gonna do exactly, we talked about shot angles and etc. Then we started filming, everything was going fine, until out of the blue, unexpected problem has arisen. When there was a scene we had to shoot near the lake, a swan started swimming, coming our way. We thoungt she might be friendly, but then suddenly the swan started making aggresive sounds, like she wanted to protect her territory- the lake. The whole team got scared, so we stoped shooting immediately and gone away further from the lake.  She just kept standing there were we wanted to shoot, so we decided to make loud sounds, with the thought she might get scared. Guess what, it didn’t work. Then, we thought of another tactic, we became silent. That worked and the swan got away from us, although not for the whole time.

Here is our discution part photo






The famous friendly swan


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