First day of our movie shooting

The first day of our shooting was in two location- train station and train itself. Because it was the beggining of our filming process at first it was difficult, we didn’t knew how to work fast and productively. We were going back and fourth at the beggining a lot, we changed our minds often how to film our first shots.












Then we took a break to eat some kebab and we got back on track even more energized. And this is our photo of us eating:)

After shooting in train station, we took a train to Kaunas city direction to shoot in the train. It was quite difficult because we forgot our camera stand, so operator had to be careful not to move the camera too much. After about 20 minutes of shooting, we got out of the train in some small town, then we realised that we had about half an hour before our train to our hometown arrives, so we decided to wonder around that small, quite mysterious city. When we were going back to our homecity it was dark outiside, but we still managed to film some beautiful shoots in the train. Here are some photos:



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