Hullo everyone. We are here with Exercise 2 .

We began working on Ex 2 with a series of screenings. We saw clips from Boudos, Bicycle Thieves, Spirited Away, Mandy, Citylights. We discussed the situation in each:  what was the situation and what did each situation express? What was its function in the film? How had the filmmakers expressed the theme through the situation. And we decided  to write on one clip each. After the reviews, we visited the premise of Ex 2 and 3.

We each one of us gave our ideas for Ex 2. Each idea was discussed from the point of view of a ‘ situation’ that brings 2 characters together, the do-ability  within four shots , and the casting and location.

Here are the  photos of the shooting, and our Exercise 2, which we enjoyed thoroughly as we all ended up  throwing paper balls at each other . You will see why!!

Exercise 2.


Here’s our Process : Group Discussion


Shaping the ideas, writing the Script…in groups

and alone! Putting the best leg, err, best hand forward!

Taking turns as crew members: Niranjan takes a shot 

Leonardo takes a shot

The backdrop: Watching the clips on the theme of Situation was great fun and learning together. We wrote  on each  clip: 

Spirited Away :

Hello everyone, I am Aryaman,   this is my review on Spirited Away. The story starts with a girl who is about to go to a new place and is not happy about it. Then after her father takes a seemingly wrong turn, they end up in an abandoned theme park… I like how  the situation in this clip changes the emotions of the character . While watching this clip you would feel that you are a part of this story. It is very interesting to watch till the end   when it becomes a cliffhanger and you really want to know what happened.

Hello, I am Aishwarya and I am writing a review on the movie Boudho. This film shows us that people  care  for  the wealthy people but do not care for the poor . . I felt sympathetic to the old man. The dog is the man’s only companion and he has lost it. It makes us feel good when he is looking for his lost dog

Hi! Meera here! I’ll be writing a review on ‘Mandy’. Mandy is deaf, and so it’s hard for her to make friends, and to speak properly and not be misunderstood. It gives us an emotional feel, as she’s trying to blend in but cannot because of her loss. But, the same way it’s inspiring, as at last, she makes new friends inspite of being deaf.And happy ending it is! 

Hi, I’m Leonardo and this is the review on Spirited Away.  This movie is really entertaining because of the situation which is very much a question of « what is this place? », « Is it dangerous or safe? » The movie built up its situation as well. It starts as Chihiro, the  protagonist  going to a new school, then it becomes a mysterious situation, and then it changes in to a situation in which  Chihiro tries to find a way out of the theme park.

Hi, Niharika here. Boudo is a good example of class discrimination and it also says that wherever we go, rich and poor people exist.

Hi everyone,  i am Niranjan . I am writing a review about City Lights. The situation was emotional but the movie was humorous. The story takes us through depressing moments as well as comic scenes. even though there were no dialogues,  the emotions were conveyed perfectly. 

Hullo, I am Dev. I really liked Boudo. He is so lovable . I found the situation in the clip  quite absurd, especially in the end where the wealthy woman goes with a wealthy man who offers to look for her dog.

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