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Our town is Kaišiadorys

Kaišiadorys is a small town,but its really cozy. Town is between our two biggest cities Vilnius and Kaunas. Train station is a symbol of Kaišiadorys, because our train station connects other cities and towns. Vilnius and Kaunas.



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Algirdas Brazauskas gymnasium

Our school is the only one gymnasium in our town. It has been called by one of our presidents, Algirdas Brazauskas. There are about 400 students in our school. Here we have really different spaces, which are for academic, sport and art activities. This year our school will celebrate its 94 years birthday.

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Team Kaišiadorys

Hi, I’m Viktoras.

I’m from Lithuania, Kaišiadorys. I’m 17 years old. I love to watch old movies. I like to listen to music and play basketball. My favorite hobby is to spend my time with my best friends.


Hey, I’m Jokūbas, I’m 17 years old.

I live in Lithuania. My town is Kaišiadorys, I love to be here. I like to watch horror and fantastic movies, they are fascinating. I play basketball, it’s my favorite sport. I like to hang out with my friends and I really like to spend my time in the gym.


My name is Agnė.

I’m from Lithuania, Kaišiadorys. I’m 15 years old. I’m going to Algirdas Brazauskas gymnasium. In Kaišiadorys there are a lot of beautiful places for me. My hobbies are reading books, hanging out with friends, photographing, traveling and watching movies.


Hey, my name is Andrėja,

I’m from Lithuania, Kaišiadorys. I’m 16 years old. The best things in the world that I value the most are family and love. I’m a Leo girl and my favorite movie is « The Call ». I think that life is as good as your mindset is. My favorite places in my city are Toskana, which is the best restuarant of our city, and my house roof.


Hi, my name is Rimantė and I’m 16 yo

I’m pretty calm person and love to be so calm. Maybe that’s why my favorite place in Kaišiadorys is a lake in the forest. I love nature, traveling and animals, especially giraffes and butterflies.


Hey! My name is Viktorija and I’m 16 years old.

I’m volunteering and it’s becoming a big part of my life. I like photography, watching movies and eating. Also I love nature. I think that’s why forest is my favorite place.


Hi! I’m Mantas.

I’m from town, which is called Kaišiadorys. I love movies and I love to film something. I always have a camera in my pocket. By the way I’m 16 years old.




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