We all know that making a movie takes a lot of effort. It took us three days to shoot all the scenes we had planned for our movie.



Our class met every Tuesday and Friday for a quick meeting.






Every single time, we watched our Movie.

Over and over again





Everyone of us had to take notes in our little booklets. Then we discussed what we liked and what we disliked about the recent editing.






…not only one of us has edited « Ich hab’s doch gesehen »..





…but everyone who was involved in it.






Several people edited the movie whenever they found time







I think our movie will never be perfect. If you watch it over and over again, you will always find some little detail that could have been improved.



However, we worked as a team and not only as individuals.

Perfection was not what we have aimed for but rather something that was created by everyone and which in the end brought us together.

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