First Shooting Day

Monday and Tuesday we went in the Zionskirche instead of going to school. It’s a very old church, which survived the second world war, and the perfect place to make a movie.









On the first day, we filmed a lot of scenes and developed new ideas while filming. We filmed the intercession scenes and some basketball scenes too

















Together we had a lot of new ideas and fun!








The people which didn’t take place in the scenes talked to the teachers about more ideas for the following scenes.








While filming we discovered the diversity and beauty of the church.















We look forward to make a movie and prepared us for the movie leisure time too. We have seen and analyzed many fragments of films (for example Zabriskie point) to think about the subject « places and stories » and made a lot of lessons. Finally a  filmexpert came to our school to learn to view places and stories in a different light. 






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