CCAJ Exercise No.1 Children’s Film Academy India

For Exercise 1, we all discussed what is meant by space. It was easy to understand once we began thinking of our favourite spaces. How do we  ‘evoke’ space through its sounds as well? We all felt that space had a special ‘feel’ when it was connected to us in some way.  In a film, we have to create that ‘feel’ for the viewers, so that they feel the same about the space we are ‘showing’ them. Harikrishnan spoke  of a little patch of green woods by the river near his house. It had some sense of mystery as people didn’t often visit the place.

 We decided to shoot it on mobile phone so that the birds would not be disturbed. Harikrishnan the cameraman  walked very quietly to do the shot.  When we played the clip, we could feel that something was going to happen.There was a sense of some adventure ! His footsteps and the bird sound and the sense of somebody watching came out so well! We were really  happy with the sounds that the shoot had  managed to capture !

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