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We are a mixed age group of 12 participants from EduBrisk – A Learning Center in Kerala, India. The youngest in the group is 8 years old and the eldest is 17. The common thread brings us to our love for cinema. We are excited to participate in CCAJ this year. We have just put you through your photos and your notes on the blog. A big hello to all of you from India. We hope to interact with you soon.


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Gaurav Menon

Hello ! I am Gaurav Menon. I am 12 years old. I hail from Kerala, India. I like being both  in front of the camera and behind the camera wherein I find the latter more interesting.

My hobbies are playing the piano and reading. As per my point of view, my strength is that

I do well  in a team while my weakness is that I am unable to multi task. Due to my interest in photography and filming, I chose to join this group in order to enhance my knowledge.These are photographs of my space. I love this space as it gives vent to my exhaustion at the end of the day. It also stimulates my brains and creativity within me.


Harikrishnan P 

Hello! My name is Harikrishnan P and my nick name is chottu.. I  belong to Piravom. I am studying in 9th standard.  My favorite subject is Maths. I like travelling and watching TV. I like to do different things in a different way. I am very talkative in nature. Me and my mother always spend some time together in the river side near my home. That is one of my favorite places. When we are there, I always tease her, talk about my ambitions, my thoughts etc.




Snigdha Rebecca Jacob

I am at my last year in Sree SaradaDevi Sisuvihar Upper Primary School, Thiruvananthapuram, seventh standard to be precise, and am about to move to high school, the coming academic year. I am passionate about dance and choreography. I used to draw and paint from early childhood and am ever ready to wet my hands. I have grown up in a middle class family that moved from the outskirts of small town Kottayam to the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. The time I enjoy most is the moments I share with my little brother who’s hardly two and a half years old. I mark myself as inquisitive, but am rather confused about the path I have to take. On one side, I love sticking to science, especially to astronomy and on the other side, I aspire to work for Indian Foreign Service. I believe that my formative years are here and I have to make a choice in the near future.


Sreelakshmi Biju

Hi friends,

I’m Sreelakshmi Biju. Everyone calls me Lachu. I’m just thirteen now. I reside in Kochi, Kerala, India. I’m very proud to say that now I’m also a part of the Children’s Film Academy. My hobbies are listening to music and watching TV. My other areas of interests are reading, travelling and painting. In my leisure time, I like to sit in the corner of our courtyard , which gives me a lot of pleasure. We can again join together through this site. Bye.




Hania Husain


I am Hania Husain. I live in Kerala , India . My hobbies are to play badminton , read books, sing and compose songs. I study in class 6 in Navy Children’s  School , Cochin.













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