Behind the scenes day 3

On the third day of our filming in Milow, we filmed the last necessary indoor- scenes; a walk aroud the house and a night scene in the girls room which was quite complicated because we had to get the whole room dark. Two of us also filmed the bug- scenes which was ugly  but also fascinating, in a way.


After that we got out again and walked around in Milow to find some places where our main characters could get  to know each other.


For the rest of the day we got back to the mountain, the most  beautiful backcloth to film in front of in Milow, if you ask me. We stayed there until it was too dark to film and then got back to the youth hostel.

mde  IMG_20170402_002004_011


Arriving there, some of us had already prepared a campfire and for the rest of the night we were able to relax, talk a bit and burn some Marshmallows and not be able to eat them.


Later that night it turned April 1st. So we had to fulfill our duty to do some April fools to our teachers. We taped their doors  and disappeared quietly giggling. But don´t be upset, the next morning we got the revenge and got hit by our own tapes in the shape of balls.

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