Troisième journée de tournage. L’équipe d’après-midi.

A few days ago, we finished recording another two scenes for the short film. We had to go to the Campo de la Gloria, a park that’s close to the Rio Paraná which has a lot of historical background. Anyways, we gathered on the park on the afternoon (between 2 to 4 PM, If my memory is not that bad.), bringing all the equipment and clothes for the next scene. The only problem that we had was the wind. It was a pretty windy day, so the microphone ended up recording the wind rather than the actor’s voice. The other trouble that it caused was that the actors were freezing too.  Since it’s autumn/almost winter over here, the wind was colder than anything else, and our performers were wearing clothes normally used during the summer; Short sleeved shirts, shorts, no jackets or anything.


dialogo 2 dialogo

Luckly, the wind stopped blowing after a while, so we were able to record the scene and then move to the next one. Minutes before starting to record the first scene, though, a van pulled up. It was from a local radio, and they were heading back to their studio when they saw us. Since we were about to start recording, they asked for an interview if that wasn’t of any annoyance. We agreed and talked about the project. It was slightly improvised but it worked out.

We recorded the second scene in a skate park, created in memory of a teenager who died while practicing skateboarding years ago.  Some guys were there, but they had no trouble with us recording there. They were pretty chill with it. One of the crew members (If we can call ourselves a crew) brought a shopping cart, and we did something slightly dangerous; record the main actors ‘playing’ with the shopping cart. One of them inside of it, the other one pushing it around and through the ramps. It was fun, but the actress fell and accidentally hurted her knee. Luckly, nothing else happened after that.

ludmi+juan+carritosecuencia carrito 1

After that, I am not sure what happened.

ludmi+juan+carrito2secuencia carrito 0

I had to leave due to some stuff related to my family, but I think they kept recording a few more takes before leaving too.

secuencia carrito 1csecuencia carrito 2

Franco Padovani

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