First Shooting Day

March 31th

On the first day, we split in two groups in the morning. The one group went down in the cellar to shoot the first scenes with Isabella and the ball, while the second group stayed upstairs and thought about any more ideas for the following scenes.

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The first shootings, while Mr. Etter and Anton did the sound and Hannah the camera.

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We took the next shot, where Isabella gets to know Lea, in front of the house.

Felix and Lizanne did the sound this time, and Anton the camera.

The weather was very good, so everyone could be without a jacket.

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And when the scenes were shot, we could just relax in the sun for a moment, like Mr. Etter or Mrs. Krewani.

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Later, we went to the forrest under the mountain, and Lukas recorded Lea and Isi walking up and playing with the ball.

Lukas and Mr. Etter trying out some new filming-techniques.

And when the whole filmcrew finally arrived on the top, the view and sunset was just amazing, so we decided to stay until it’s dark.

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