Behind the scenes day 1

IMG-20170501-WA0027         IMG-20170501-WA0008 

Thursday afternoon instead of going home, we got on the train and bus to Milow. Milow is a village near Berlin (78 Kilometers away) where we spend four long, exhausting and fun days to film.


After the long trip we arrived and were all very glad that our hostel had wifi.

We were in the mood to move and play like the charakters of our film. Checking out our surroundings was a lot of fun.


… especially with a beautiful landscape like this. And as you can see in the pictures we all got along very well and enjoyed ourselfes. Because it was our first night in Milow, we didn´t film but we searched for nice places like the one you see above to shoot. It was very inspiring and we were eager to start shooting the next day.

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