Luisina’s commentaries about second day of shooting

Lights, camera, action!
Hi everyone! Luisina’s writing. Today we worked on the first part of our short film. We started filming the first scene in one of the classrooms, we had the participation of some teachers that accepted to help us acting and it was so fun! They made such a good job!
The second scene was filmed in another classroom, that was my time to shine (just kidding) I acted as Ludmila’s friend, and i found it so funny. We filmed two diferents shot of the same scene, so at the moment of editing, we choose which one is betterIt took a lot of time (we started at 8:30) but it was okay because we didn’t have classes.
We had a short break to have lunch, and unfortunately it started to rain. But that didn’t stop us!
When we were closed to finished, i had the opportunity to film with a (kind of) steady cam! It’s so cool because is a different way to film and i loved it. We made amazing takes!
During the journey i was the assistant of direction too. I really enjoyed it!
I’m so glad to participate in this experience, is something that i had never imagined to happen!
Luisina Duacastella
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