Shooting of our third exercise

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(Anton, Luise, Mr. Etter, Nikola, Paula)


We split in two groups, while the one group created dizziness by a rotary disk and the other one improvised and used their bottle.

The first group, Anton, Nikola, Luise and Paula, planed a whole plot and improvised only the details. The camera was directed by Luise.

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Here you can see Mr. Etter helping us out. Also Mrs. Krewani had many tips and tricks for us.

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(Jenny, Lizanne, Lea and Lukas)

The second group, meaning Hannah, Jenny, Lukas, Lea and Lizanne, had the idea of using a bottle in class, but when they went to the park, they improvised the rest of their story. Lukas was the camera man in this group.

Both groups met two times in the Gleisdreieck Park, so everything would be included and improved.

Although it was very cold everybody had fun and learned a lot new about cameras, filming, directing a movie and how to act in front of the camera.


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